Thursday, September 25, 2014

Prayer request from Dean for Gail Picca of Garwood Presbyterian Church

                                         Gail is pictured on the right with Helen Lehman
                                         during a Gateway visit in 2003

Evelyn (from the church) writes: "Please keep Gail Picca in your prayers. She had a massive heart attack last night. She has a very bad case of pneumonia and is currently sedated with a ventalator to breather."

Gail for years has been a supporter of Gateway through her church. She is in ICU at Overlook Hospital, 99 Beauvoir Ave, Summit, NJ 07902

Saturday, August 9, 2014

NY Giants running back Rashad Jennings to appear @ Liberty Church on September 5, 2014 6pm





Tickets available by going to

Liberty Church is located at 953 W. Chestnut St. Union, NJ

Check out the map              

Call for tickets:
(908) 688-0624


“Rashad Jennings provides the biggest spark out of the Giants' first unit, rushing for a 73-yard touchdown “ in a pre-season win over the Pittsburgh Steelers 20-16 on Saturday August 9, 2014  (NY Daily News)

Check out the play (click here)!

Rashad Jennings Stats
2013 Season   ATT
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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Gateway's  Death Race for Life took place from 
June 26-28 in Pittsfield, Vermont

Read all about it at:

Please prayerfully consider supporting the DRFL by returning all sponsor forms to Gateway by July 5th.

Gateway Pregnancy Center
960 Springfield Avenue
Irvington, NJ  07111

A free picnic for all who raised at least $50 in sponsorship will take place on Saturday August 16th in Union.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Note from Nelson:

I leave @ 4:30am to race in Tuxedo, NY. NBC will be filming so it should be a circus :) 

Keep a runner in prayer!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Thanks to Nelson 'Runaway' Diaz for sharing his testimony and his rap music at the Liberty Baptist (Union, NJ) youth event on May 24th.

In the video below, Nelson explains the Death Race Challenge:

Thanks to Liberty Baptist Church and their student ministry directors, James and Micah Wagner, for helping put together our Death Race for Life mailing to some 1,350 people!


Monday, May 19, 2014


A prayer request from Dean:

A sister in the Lord requests prayer for a fellow minister in Newark. Rev. Wilks has been an encourager and supporter of a crisis pregnancy center in Newark.
“Please pray for Dr. Bernard Wilks whose wife (Annette) passed away today. Keep him and his children lifted up in prayer. I'll keep you informed .God bless. Dr. Harris”

You may wish to send / email  a card:
Rev. Bernard Wilks
Dominion Fellowship Ministries
83 James Street 
Newark, NJ 07102
(973) 273-9200
.. or post a message on Facebook

Monday, May 5, 2014

Nelson Diaz prepares for Gateway's Spartan Death Race for Life on June 27th.

Average Man @ 2014 Spartan Death Camp

May 4, 2014 at 11:25pm
Pre-Camp Preparations
Workout: BigDog Crossfit 3days a week, infrequent 1 mile jogs due to huge blister courtesy of 4/19 toughmudder PA, air squats & walking lunges 3days a week. Nutrition: 80% Paleo, 15% Gluten Free, 5% Carvel Ice Cream hybrid Diet (don't judge me you don't know my struggle :)) Supplements: morning O3, M3, D3, C, & post workout recovery shake. Death Camp Meal Plan: meals every 2hrs consisting of Carbs, healthy fats, & protein (14 meals consisting of 3 varieties packed), a 2.5L bladder of electrolyte/water mix & a 2.5L bladder of water (but it was useless since the seal was busted so cumbersome water bottles it #1)
War Time
We were asked to arrive in Pittsfield, Vermont @ 1pm on 4/25 with BackPack, Bucket, Gloves, Compass, a Rock, Hard Boiled Egg, Regular egg, Shovel, Axe, Hand Saw, Safety glasses, Whistle, Safety Vest, Food and water for 24hrs, Clothes/Gear/Footcare for 24hrs. I also brought my 10X TM headband & a cast with my H2H & BOOCR colors for my right hand due to my "boxer's fracture" (broken finger courtesy of my husky...not the manliest of injuries but the name makes up for it :) I drove through the night & napped behind a restaurant waking up to 29 degree snow capped mountains...(reality check #1)
I was pleased to find out during my 9am registration that some in Spartan leadership have completed about 6 Tough Mudders so needless to say I felt right at home :) Turns out we started the camp @ 12:30pm by building a fire ring/fire pit out of river rocks then collectively moving a 500-700# rectangular rock 30' from river to fire pit to be used as a bench. We then chopped wood which is very difficult to do with 1 hand & 2 I finished last (the axe got away from me a few times, i'm just glad everyone lived to tell about #2)
After we finished chopping wood, we had to crawl on our hands & knees upstream (forearms for me to keep the 1 week old cast dry) until we reached our Death Camp bibs. Turns out my bib was "accidentally" moved downstream so a longer than most crawl was my lot...see VT temperature above) & yes, I was the last to complete this challenge as well thank you very #3!
I finally started the 3+ mile run (in last place) but started turning that around rather quickly until my pack came undone & sidelined me for a #4! (thanks New York Death Camper for helping me restrap my pack).
Tasks included log carries, rock carries, 10' long 6"x6" beam team carries, countless hike up & down Joe's mountain to Shrek's cabin via rock stairway constructed by previous superhuman Death Racers, egyptian pyramid builders, or aliens! We had a late night 2hr rock workout (as in small boulders not music) led by Captain Caveman himself followed by a 2hr log workout out in the cold 1am Vermont rain which included 20 burpees every 20minutes (1 armed burpees for me!)
We participated & video recorded the fire burial of a fallen Spartan Gladiator (video pending), I learned enough orienteering to mislead my team, backrolled 100yds in an itchy field nearly barfing up what I was scarfing down. All in all a wonderful 28hrs with some cool crazies from around the US & Canada. I even had enough time to cause all of the Death Campers an unnecessary midnight 200yd hike & 40yd military crawl since I failed to remember when Spartan Pro Team member Miguel horchata moved to the Pitts. (Sorry DC's). Turns out that all the discomfort & annoying tasks like carrying a raw & a boiled egg throughout the camp was actually a well planned exercise in focusing on details. BTW if your eggs cracked, you had an interestingly annoying exercise with a boiled egg in your mouth @ the end of camp which actually helps your cardio in a wierd way :) For the 1st time in my life, I kept falling asleep standing up with my eyes opened, even during the video recording...meal plan modification may be needed ASAP. Shout out to Mark Jones for sacrificing his training by partnering with me during the Flintstones rock/log workouts.
During the post camp dinner, Death Race co-founder Andy mentioned that he was pretty concerned when I was the last to start the 3+ mile run @ the start of camp but that suprisingly I did pretty good. I guess I favorably represented my family, Team Believe, Next Step Fitness-NE, H2H, BOOCR, CF, my sponsors, WTM's, TM's, & the host of others who support me.

Lessons Learned:
1. Knowing & preparing for the demands of elevation changes mattered in the 24hr camp & will matter more in the 3-day 6/27 Death Race. Garmin Forerunner 910XT would help me get to the next level.
2. Need Arch support which is critical to my progress & I just tried on the Brooks Adrenaline sneakers & based on treadmill testing they will assist me.
3. Meal plan needs to be modified to prevent the crashes I experienced while standing still :)
4. My cotton socks must go!!! I need real runners nylon/polyester socks to wick moisture, prevent blisters, & cushion ball of my feet.
5. Heal striking must be reduced to improve my time & reduce my shin splints.
6. Need to bring more toilet paper :)
7. Need to buy Pro Arm protection & compression sleeves to protect elbows & forearms from future injuries (barbed wire, mud crawls, etc..)
8. Need Compression calf sleeves to protect my shins & assist with recovery.
9. Need to thank God & my family more often for this AMAZING LIFE!!!
The 24 hour Death Camp was my preparation for the non-stop, 3 day, round the clock obstacle challenge called "Death Race" which starts  6/27/2014 (stay tuned for more on the Death Race.) Thank you to my generous sponsors who believe in my sacrificial OCR journey for others! Contact me if you would like to help me overcome my lessons learned with your sponsorship. Visit for additional fundraisers.
God Bless & Keep Running...
Nelson Runaway Diaz
Death Race for Life 

COMING!! June 14, 2014