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Abortion: Is it a Gospel Issue? – April 29, 2020
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Yesterday was the 52nd anniversary of the Abortion Act coming into effect in Great Britain (27 April 1968). Many of us have been moved in recent months by Heidi Crowter, a young woman with Down’s Syndrome who has initiated a case against the UK government because abortion law discriminates against babies with disabilities. It has been a rare moment when our media have allowed us a tiny glimpse of the meaning of a procedure that is tragically common. But it is only a tiny glimpse, and only a part of the meaning of abortion in the UK. Since the Abortion Act came into effect, almost 9 ½ million unborn babies have been killed. That is one child dead every three minutes for 52 years.But it is not just children; the mothers damaged by abortions, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually are another of the abortion industry’s guilty secrets.
In contrast with the situation in the United States and perhaps in part in reaction to the way American Christians have addressed the issue, evangelicals in the UK have remained largely silent on the issue of abortion.2 It was therefore encouraging last week to attend an online event organised by Brephos: “Abortion: Is It a Gospel Issue?”3
The event began with Glen Scrivener interviewing Vaughan Roberts about a new book on abortion, co-authored with Dr Lizzie Ling.This arrived on my desk today and looks like an excellent short resource (I’ll post a short review soon). Vaughan and Glen helpfully explored ways in which ministers can speak about abortion and connect it to the gospel by speaking of the uniqueness and value of humans as God’s image-bearers. Vaughan also spoke helpfully about why we might be nervous of “going there,” but how his congregation, and not least women in his congregation, have found it helpful when he has. In short: given the statistics, there will undoubtedly be women in our congregations who have had abortions, and others who would consider it. Addressing the subject with courage and compassion is therefore a pastoral necessity.
This was beautifully illustrated by a fabulous testimony from Laura Mann. Laura spoke movingly of feeling pressured into having an abortion at the age of 19, and of the terrible trauma she experienced for years afterwards: nightmares, night tremors, shame, overwhelming guilt, secrecy. She spoke passionately about the need to help women (and men!) understand abortion, and understand why it is wrong and damaging. She also observed how the church’s silence does nothing to help those trying to come to terms with having had an abortion. In her words: “If we keep quiet, we won’t help people deal with stuff. What will happen is we will have broken people playing at church.” We have begun to realise this in pastoring people with same-sex sexual desires. But it is true in every area of life. When we shy away from loving people with God’s truth, the pastoral consequences for individuals and churches are disastrous.
Finally, Dean Gavaris from New Jersey spoke about the gospel-centred pregnancy advice service he leads. Dean’s zeal for the gospel and love for women and unborn children was evident, and it was encouraging to be reminded that zeal for evangelism and zeal for human life do not conflict with one another, and that abortion is a gospel issue not primarily a political one.
However, through no fault of his own, this was probably where the cultural differences between British and American evangelicals became most apparent. Much more needs to be said, theologically, ethically and pastorally about abortion than it was possible to cover in a few hours online. And if we are to speak into our own social, political and ecclesial contexts on this side of the Pond, much of that work will need to be done by us. If the British Church will not speak up in protection of the unborn, who will? If we will not speak to warn and protect men and women and teenagers who might otherwise offend God and harm themselves in providing and seeking abortions, who will? If we will not minister the gospel directly and winsomely to those who have already had abortions, who will?
And if we will not speak now, what will we say of the next 9 ½ million children to die?
 [1] This is, of course, an average figure. In reality, as the article linked above notes, in 1969 there were 54,819 abortions. Since then “there has been a 270% increase in the total number of pregnancies ending in abortion in England and Wales.” In fact, “Almost 1 in 4 (24%) pregnancies in England and Wales now ends in abortion.”
[2] John Stott, Issues Facing Christians Today (Leicester: IVP, 1st pub.1984) is a notable exception, as is the excellent work of brephos.
[3] A recording of the event is available here.
[4] Lizzie Ling and Vaughan Roberts, Abortion (London: The Good Book Company, 2020).

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Hope Centre UK Links to videos

LINKS for Zoom and Facebook Live broadcasts of Hope Centre Events

Brephos  -equipping churches to speak out for the unborn child

100% Pro Evangelism — 100% Pro Life || An Interview with Dean Gavaris – broadcast in the UK LIVE on April 20, 2020 (prerecorded)

‘Casting the Vision’  "HOPE": a New Vision for Pregnancy Centres - ONLINE  Tuesday, April 21, 2020 at 02:00 PM UK / 1hour 24 minutes

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Brephos Church Leaders Event - Abortion: Is It A Gospel Issue?                                                     Thursday, April 23, 2020 at 9:30 AM EST with Rev. Vaughan Roberts,                                                  Laura Mann and Rev. Dean Gavaris

Glen Scrivener interviews Vaughan Roberts, Laura Mann shares her abortion story and why she sees this as a gospel  Dean Gavaris with a vision for sharing the gospel in pregnancy centres

Rebekah Collins introduces the Hope Centre ministry
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Available via link from Gateway - email:

Introducing Focus on the Heart – a Biblical focused, directive approach to crisis pregnancy center ministry -  February 13, 2020 .mp4

Our Visit to the United Kingdom   -  January 29, 2020  .mp4

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Brephos Church Leaders Event - Abortion: Is It A Gospel Issue?  

Thursday, April 23, 2020 at 9:30 AM EST with Rev. Vaughan Roberts, Laura Mann and Rev. Dean Gavaris

Watch Live via Facebook! 

3pm – Glen Scrivener interviews  Rev. Vaughan Roberts                                                            
3:25pm – Laura Mann shares her abortion story and why she sees this as a gospel 

3:50pm – short comfort break                                                                                                                 
4pm – Dean Gavaris with a vision for sharing the gospel in pregnancy centres

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A note from Evangelist David Brennan

We are so looking forward to seeing you on Thursday 23 April for our special church leaders’ event, “Abortion: is it a Gospel Issue?”
Please click on this link to join us on the day via Zoom (all you need to do is click the link; you shouldn’t have to download any software you don’t already have).
We are asking delegates to sign in from 2:30pm so that we have everyone in place in order to start promptly at 3pm. You’ll enter a “waiting room” upon arrival; we’ll bring you in just before 3pm. Once you’ve signed in do feel free to carry on with your own things until 3pm.
2:30pm – delegates start signing in
3pm – Glen Scrivener interviews Vaughan Roberts
3:25pm – Laura Mann shares her abortion story and why she sees this as a gospel issue
3:50pm – short comfort break
4pm – Dean Gavaris with a vision for sharing the gospel in pregnancy centres
4:45pm – Q&A (with all speakers) fielded by Aisling Goodison
5:30pm – prayer and close
We understand if people are unable to stay for all of the Q&A, but aside from that we do ask delegates to regard this conference as a whole and to commit to all of it so that together we can learn more of God’s heart on this critical issue.
As you know one element of this day is the launch of Dr Lizzie Ling’s landmark book Abortion (which Vaughan Roberts also helped to write).
The Good Book Company have kindly made available to delegates of this conference only a discounted price of £2.50 per copy, with free postage thrown in.
As I urged readers of Evangelicals Now to do in my recent review, why not buy a few copies of this book; give one to a non-Christian friend and find out what they made of it, and distribute copies within your small group or leadership team and study it together.
Click here to purchase, and don’t forget to apply the code tpa2304 for the discount. The code will be effective until the end of May. Please do not share this code with anyone else.
It’s not too late to invite others to join us on the 23rd; please do send them this link and they can book in, and then they will receive this email as well.
God bless you and please join me in praying for this event, that God would be pleased to use it powerfully to renew our minds and reform our lives for his glory.
Much love in Christ,
Dave Brennan

An Interview with Dean Gavaris

100% Pro Evangelism — 100% Pro Life ||

click here   An Interview with Dean Gavaris – broadcast in the UK LIVE on April 20, 2020 (prerecorded)

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Sharing Jesus in a crisis pregnancy?

                   Brephos in conversation

Ahead of the launch of HOPE Pregnancy Centre here in the UK, Dave Brennan chats with Dean Gavaris who has been directing a pregnancy centre in New Jersey for the last 34 years, seeing thousands of babies' lives saved and thousands of adults come to a saving faith in Jesus.

What can we here in the UK learn from our brothers and sisters in the States, as we consider a God-honouring response to the crisis of abortion? 

Go to to book in for Dean's online vision casting event on Tuesday 21 April and special church leaders' event on Thursday 23 April.

If you would like to sow financially into the new HOPE Pregnancy Centre, you can make a donation below.


With every blessing
For Life & HOPE
Rebekah & Ivana

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HOPE A new Vision for Pregnancy Centers in the UK

Mission England 
Live via Zoom and FB Live 

Please note, the times in the CBRUK flyer have been changed for those in the US.

You will already have heard about our new project, HOPE Pregnancy Centre, we would like to update you with what we are planning in light of the current situation with the Coronavirus and everything being in lockdown.
As the Government instructs the nation to “stay at home”, this is not a time for cancellation, but for opportunity.  We expect that our advertised April vision casting will have an even further reach going online.
Below is a short video from Dean Gavaris sharing the vision. Please watch.
Dean Gavaris
So with the above in mind, we want to start by informing you of the new plans to share our vision for HOPE:

Wednesday 8th. April at 9am EST / 6am PDT

Dave Brennan from Brephos will be interviewing Dean Gavaris live. FB Live

Tuesday 21st April at 9am EST / 6am PDT

There will now be one "HOPE" - A New Vision for Pregnancy Centres session to be held online using the conference calling facility Zoom. Anyone who wants to attend will need to register on the CBR UK website Events page, using this link. For those of you who have already registered for the Hove or London locations, please register again for the online session.

Thursday 23rd April at 9:30am EST / 6:30am PDT

The Brephos event : ’Abortion: Is It A Gospel Issue?’  a live event with Vaughan Roberts and Dean Gavaris. This will include vision casting for HOPE, similar to the above, but it will be tailored specifically to those in church leadership, see: for details. This will now be hosted online using the conference facility Zoom. Anyone who wants to attend will need to register on the CBR UK website Events page, using this link.
We hope you are as excited about this new project as we are despite the current difficulties nationally and globally. We can still make a difference!
If you would like to sew financially into the new HOPE Pregnancy Centre, you can make a donation below.
With every blessing
For Life & HOPE
Rebekah & Ivana

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