Saturday, October 19, 2019

Rev. Gary Finn March 4, 1951 - January 29, 2020


Urgent prayer request

1-25-2020: Please continue to pray for Gary D. Finn and his family as he had to be admitted to hospital for his final days🙏😢🙏

Jan Seemar Richard
January 21, 2020
Update on Gary D. Finn from his daughter, Lori
“We brought dad home with hospice a week ago today. Things have drastically declined over this last week. Dad is no longer able to coherently communicate. He is very confused and anxious. Medication, unfortunately, creates this, but we need to keep him comfortable. Please continue to pray for us as a family as we care for him. Hospice only comes once a day for an hour. This has been a very exhausting, emotional, and trying time. Please especially pray for Dad. Pray that his anxiety is calmed so that he can enter peacefully into the loving arms his Father, Jesus Christ. Thank you to all who have prayed with us over this past year. Thank you also for all of the beautiful and moving tributes to Dad.”
Urgent prayer request 🙏 Gary D. Finn
January 11, 2020

Dearest Family and Friends,

Many of you have been here from the beginning of this battle with pancreatic cancer. You have been loyal, faithful, loving, short you’ve modeled what true friendship and family means.

We’ve just received word confirmed by a multitude of medical experts that we have overwhelmingly won the war (Romans 8:31-39). The cancer now surrounds multiple blood vessels, including the one that feeds the colon.

In short, that explains the severe symptoms of pain. This cancer is no longer treatable. While I write this now, it will likely be my last opportunity. 
I’m so thankful, forever thankful, that our hope in this life and the next, rests wholly upon what He has done for us. That is settled and cannot be altered! It is finished.
I’m in the process of surrendering the last days and hours to Him. Again, I ask you the same as I did when we began, please join us in prayer. The victory is around the corner.